tmux Cheatsheet


Tmux #

tmux is a terminal multiplexer. It enables you to share the same screen among multiple terminal programs. A single tmux session lets you run multiple programs in separate windows (tabs). These windows can be split horizontally or vertically into panes. tmux is flexible. You can detach from a tmux session to reconnect at a later point while it continues running the programs in the background. You can create multiple tmux sessions on the same machine and connect to them simultaneously from different terminal sessions. It is a modern alternative to GNU Screen.

Commands #

Command Line Interface #

Description Command Shortcut
Create a named tmux session new-session -s new -s
Create a new named session with a named window new-session -s -n new -s -n
List tmux sessions list-sessions​ ls
Attach to a session attach -t
Kill a session kil-session -t

Session Management #

Description Command Shortcut
Detach from tmux session Prefix d

Window Management #

Description Command Shortcut
Create window new-window -n [””] Prefix c
Rename window Prefix ,
Move to next window Prefix n
Move to previous window Prefix p
Move to nth window Prefix <n>
Show window menu Prefix w
Find window Prefix f
Close window Prefix &
Find window Prefix f

Pane Management #

Description Command Shortcut
Divide Window Vertically Prefix %
Divide Window Horizontally Prefix "
Cycle throw panes Prefix o
Move to upper pane Prefix Up
Move to lower pane Prefix Down
Move to right pane Prefix Right
Move to left pane Prefix Left
Cycle through pane layouts Prefix Spacebar

Miscellaneous #

Description Command Shortcut
Show clock Prefix b
Enter command mode Prefix :
List predefined tmux keybindings Prefix ?

Pane Layouts #

tmux provides the following default pane layouts:

  • even-horizontal: stack panes horizontally
  • even-vertical: stack panes vertically
  • main-horizontal: single large pane on top and remaining panes arranged left-to-right below it
  • main-vertical: single large pane on left and remaining panes arranged top-to-bottom beside it
  • tiled: arrange panes evenly