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Series: emacs August 11, 2016

Shortcut Function Description
C - s isearch-forward Forward incremental search
C - s RET search-forward Forward non incremental search
C - r isearch-backward Forward incremental search
C - r RET search-backward Forward non incremental search

While in the middle of search, the following keys have special meaning -

Key Description
BACKSPACE Erase last character typed
RETURN Terminate the search and leave point at the current position in the buffer
C - s Search forward for same pattern
C - r Search backward for same pattern
C - g While search is in progress: Stop current search. This will leave you where you started as if nothing had happened
C - g While waiting for input: abort entire command
C - w Copy the word after point to search string
C - y Copy current kill ring entry to search string
M - y Copy previous kill ring entry to search string

TODO - Page 160 onwards

Word search tells emacs to search for only complete words. Its a variation of incremental search.Word search ignores all punctuation, tabs, spaces and end of lines. Thus, one can look for a series of words that span more than one line.

Shortcut Function Description
M - s w isearch-forward-word Forward incremental word search
M - s w C - r isearch-backward-word Backward incremental word search


GNU Emacs Manual:Moving Point

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